Reiki Traveler

by Asha Surti

sunday    12:00- 8:00 pm

monday    10:30- 8:00 pm

tuesday     11:00- 8:00 pm

wednesday 11:00-8:00 pm

thursday    11:00- 8:00 pm

saturday    12:30- 6:00 pm


"Just for today, I will let go of anger. Just for today, I will let go of worry. Today, I will count my many blessings. Today, I will do my work honestly. Today, I will be kind to every living creature."

-reiki precepts by dr. mikao usui


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a noninvasive, gentle, healing technique that originally evolved in Japan. It is commonly translated from the Japanese as universal life energy. Reiki is known to activate natural healing processes ranging from physical to an emotional and spiritual level. It involves placement of the practitioner's hands either lightly over or just above various areas of the body, working the way down from the client's head to feet.

It is a safe technique, often used in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic techniques. Sessions can range from 45 to 90 minutes depending on the client's needs, and are given to a clothed individual typically on a massage table. Responses to Reiki may include, but are not limited to, feeling a sense of warmth over one's body, increased vibrations, decreased heart rate, and a sense of deep relaxation.