Services & Rates

please note that the next availability for a shamanic reiki session with asha is November 2019. our level 2 reiki practitioners are now available in the jersey city area at discounted rates- please email to inquire about their services.

initial shamanic reiki session with asha (120 min): $325

This is for first time (as well as current clients) seeking healing services at Reiki Traveler LLC. Light touch healing in the form of Reiki is performed on a heated massage table from the crown down to the root chakra. The therapist will complete a thorough energetic body scan, chakra assessment, and allow for an in depth discussion prior to and post Reiki treatment. This includes guidance of any intuitive messages post treatment, as at times, though not guaranteed, colors and visions may be seen by the therapist. Shamanic clearing techniques through crystals, feathers, shells, sound healing, and elements like water and fire may be utilized in the session. Often times, spirit animals, ancestors, and higher guides may come through and communicate with Asha while she is providing Reiki, and any messages are relayed to the client post treatment. Chakra balancing exercises may also be recommended. A short guidance card reading may also occur if the therapist is drawn to obtain further intuitive messages. Clients often sense a feeling of deep relaxation, feeling comforted by the aromatherapy and therapeutic touch used throughout the session. Asha’s specialties include cancer clients, as well as fertility and prenatal care. (Reiki Traveler students receive a 20% discount. Packages of four sessions are also available for fertility clients. Clients with a cancer diagnosis may need more frequent sessions and we can adapt cost and session time as needed).

DISTANCE HEALING SESSION with asha (60 min): $120

This treatment is for individuals who are unable to come to the office in person, and are seeking energetic healing through distance. The Reiki Therapist uses meditation, visual imagery, chakra stones, essential oils and singing bowls to emit distance healing to a client. Often, warmth and vibrations can be felt by the client during this time. The distance healing symbol is utilized by the Reiki Master. A three card guidance reading is included, as powerful messages can come through. The therapist will convey all detailed messages and areas of healing that were focused on during the treatment to the client via phone call, email, Skype or text (per client's preference). Similar to an in person session, spirit animals, ancestors, and guides may also come through to relay messages to the client through the modality of channeling Reiki.


This session is great for an individual new to exploring Reiki in the Hudson County area. All practitioners are trained under Asha and have completed their Level 2 certification. They are comfortable working with all types of cases ranging from anxiety, depression, pain management, fertility, children and more. We can suit you to the right practitioner depending on your needs- please email to inquire about working with a Level 2 practitioner. Follow ups are conducted based on what the practitioner recommends, at $90 for approximately 75-90 minutes.


Home visits are offered on a case by case basis in Passaic, Bergen and Hudson Counties of NJ. The initial visit entails 60 minutes of Reiki, including chakra balancing and assessment from the crown to root chakra, followed by discussion of intuitive messages. Therapist provides massage table, singing bowls, and essential oils. Clients often sense a feeling of deep relaxation and warmth, feeling comforted by therapeutic modalities used throughout the session. Home visits would be a good option but not limited to the following: During pregnancy, any individuals with physical disabilities, hospice clients, cancer patients, or recovery post injury or hospitalization.

**There is a 6.625% NJ Sales Tax for services rendered (unless a doctor's prescription for Reiki is obtained)**




REIKI traveler Training (next availability is november 2019)

In Level 1 Reiki you will learn the following and more:

  • the history of Usui Reiki

  • the three degrees of Reiki

  • the foundation and principles of Reiki

  • receive the Level 1 Reiki attunement (4 times)

  • seven chakras & characteristics 

  • the traditional Usui Reiki hand positions

  • other Reiki uses 

  • practical application/how to do a quick chakra balancing

  • ethics

The primary purpose of Level 1 Reiki is to get comfortable feeling and playing with energy! So there will be lots of practice and open discussion, as well as room for questions. This course is the foundation to the others (Level 2 and Master Level). After taking this course, it is strongly guided to perform 21 days of self healing, even if it is just giving yourself Reiki for a few minutes each day.

An "attunement" is how this energy healing system is passed down from the Reiki Master/Teacher to the student. It is a sacred and highly respected process. In Reiki Level 1, the same attunement is giving 4 times- which consists of a seated meditation and me guiding your hands in various positions, and can take around 15-20 minutes each time. Once your attunement process is complete, you will be able to begin channeling Reiki through your hands for yourself and others.

Cost: $425 for small group training, $525 for individual (includes your Reiki Traveler manual).

Schedule: 11:00 am-3:00 pm two consecutive dates

Please email for consideration.