"I can't say enough wonderful things about my first session with Asha. There was an overwhelming sense of compassion from Asha who took the time to discuss my needs and experiences leading up to my chakra alignment & Reiki session. Entering her office, you immediately feel as ease by her peaceful demeanor, welcoming energy, and the ambiance of her space. Our session left me feeling lighter, more at peace, and just overall surprised by how much she was able to pick up with our discussion after the session. The session itself was more than relaxing, but the warm touch of her hands -therapeutic. She not only gave me insight from what she picked up on and sensed throughout our session, but also provided detailed information in affirmations regarding my chakras that left me feeling positive about the future. Asha is a gifted practitioner and you can sense this in the energy around her. I am thankful for the time she took with me and our day together. Thank you so much, Asha! I can't wait to come back next time!" -C.H.


"Working with Asha was so refreshing! Her honest and authentic approach is so warming. We discussed some anxiety and fear I was experiencing prior to the session.  Asha is so intuitive and knew exactly what areas to focus on during our session.  I felt so relaxed and grounded afterwards. In fact, I'm signing up for 4 more sessions to help clear my blockages! Thank you so much! I can't wait to see what our coming sessions unveil!" -J.D.

I had been feeling guided towards Asha for months, but I didn't really have any emotional or physical complaints to prompt me to make an appointment. But when I saw that she was teaching Reiki I classes my interest was piqued once again and I reached out. Asha is so communicative and responsive to messages, and she responded with such a warm and inviting energy that within a half hour I had an initial visit scheduled and a training date. I walked in with a little bit of imposter's syndrome, like perhaps I wouldn't make a good reiki student, and a little unsure if I would feel anything like other reviewers described, but her space had such great energy and Asha herself was so welcoming that I was immediately put at ease. I needn't have worried! Asha is amazing at what she does, and almost as soon as I was on the table I was transported to a calm, meditative space. Afterwards, the insights that she shared with me really resonated with me, and re-affirmed so many other signs that have been appearing in my life. It was an absolutely amazing experience, and I cannot wait to explore more with such a warm and knowledgeable teacher! I totally recommend her to anyone interested in reiki. (Also, her hours and availability are amazing, and I'm very grateful for her weekend hours since I don't live or work in Hoboken. She is very much worth the commute though!)” -O.S.

“The service I received was the Initial Chakra Consultation and Balancing. Currently going through an emotional struggle and need balance in my life. After being recommended via social platform about Asha, I looked further into Reiki. I immediately knew Reiki is what I needed.This was my first Reiki session and I must say, I feel deeply relaxed and so much lighter. It's incredible how much Asha was able to pick up during my session. I appreciated that Asha really listened to all my concerns as I spoke to her and seeking her help in releasing the negative energy and overall being positive. I had explained to her that it's been months now, where I would wake up 2-3 times throughout the night and that same night I got Reiki, I was able to sleep throughout the whole night. I have been feeling great and so positive. I have booked another 3 sessions with Asha because she is that great!” -S.J.

“After getting several sessions with Asha, I learned that she also teaches Reiki. I took her Reiki 1 course and it was one of the best things I could have asked for. Asha puts you right at ease and has a great energy to be around. Her teaching style is patient, kind and inclusive. It felt like spending a day with an old friend while I was learning the foundation of Reiki. She provides you with the training manuals and she instills confidence in you as you learn the basics. I can't wait to begin my Level 2 course.” -T.C.

"I saw Asha for a 50 minute Reiki session, my first, and I cannot wait to go back. The location was prime, the atmosphere was incredibly serene and felt far removed from the bustling city life that was just outside of the window. The room was quiet and comfortable. Asha was incredibly kind, compassionate and knowledgable, and I felt at ease from the moment I shook her hand. During my session I felt so many different emotions, and had the most wonderfully intense visuals after which I felt a tremendous sense of relief and emotional release, albeit a little intense. The best way that I can explain it is like diving into a big body of water and having that natural fear of the unknown, of what it is your diving into and what could happen or go wrong, but then, once you're submerged in the water and you just sort of surrender to the experience, and then let yourself rise back up to the warm was just that very same magical and exciting feeling, one that felt  familiar and reassuring. It has been a couple of weeks since my session and Asha has kept in contact with me via email, checking in and continuing to give me supportive and sage advice. Her emails are so insightful and they really do inspire me to continue on this path of self-care and self-growth. I highly recommend Asha and look forward to crossing paths with her again!" L.D.


"My first visit to Asha left me feeling lighter and floating.  I walked in feeling like I was about to get sick from exhaustion and after only one hour with Asha I felt like a new woman!  Asha is wonderful, she listens carefully to what your needs are, she gives undivided attention and her Reiki touch is truly healing and calming.  I highly recommend her services and will be returning many many times to come!" S.K


"Loved the service I received at Reiki Traveler was exceptional. Asha is really great, when I left I felt a sense of calm and relaxation. If you are someone who is constantly on the go and need to regain some balance, Reiki is the way to go. I also loved the candles and aromatherapy in the office. She is so professional and really an expert in this field. I even had a card reading done at the end which was very enlightening and really spot on to what was going on in my life at that time. I highly recommend a session, it's fantastic." -B.A.


"Very cozy and relaxing environment! Asha makes you feel safe and at ease by taking time to talk to you and understand your needs. She takes time to explain everything and answer any questions." -S.P.


"I'd never done reiki before and right away, Asha made me feel at ease. The entire experience was comforting and soothing. Asha takes the time to get to know your needs and concerns and then she does her magic. You lay on a gently warmed table while listening to soothing sounds. She has you breath in the calming scent of lavender and then she begins. At first I could feel a very comforting touch near my head but by the end of the session I was feeling intense, relaxing warmth where her hands were and tingling and a cooling sensations in other parts of my body. I came out of the experience feeling calmer and more focused for the rest of my busy day." -J.P.


"I had a wonderful treatment from Asha. I came in feeling stressed and anxious and I left feeling blissful. The space is beautiful and the location is just one block from the path station. I highly recommend her!" -A.K.


"Asha made my first reiki experience very welcoming. The location is nice, clean and safe. My first reiki session allowed me to finally relax and within the next few days I felt a lot more at peace with myself, thoughts were clearer, decisions were easier. 100% will be making another appointment." -D.D.


"I have gotten 2 distance reiki/angel card readings in the past few months from Asha (I came across her on Instagram as I was searching for reiki inspiration) and she's been spot on each and every single time. I live in Toronto and have received reiki treatments for the past 5 years in the area, but Asha is so kind and compassionate with her readings and insight I will definitely continue to receive reiki treatments from her by distance. She has a true talent and gift and I would recommend her treatments to anybody, no matter where you live!!" -S.C.