My Story

From the moment I began interacting with clients, I realized that assisting others in their journey of healing was crucial to my being. Throughout my experiences as an Occupational Therapist and Reiki Master, I have worked with children with autism to encourage social and play skills, teens with depression and anxiety, adults post stroke to regain their independence, and elderly with dementia to address cognition and pain management. I enjoy connecting with people, hearing their unique stories, helping them regain inner strength and promote independence through a therapeutic, holistic and client centered approach.

After my aunt in India passed away from breast cancer, I began exploring alternative healing approaches, particularly Reiki healing on a deeper level for self healing initially. My aunt and my inspiration, Urmila Surti, was a Reiki Master herself, within a village that many sought to see. Before even knowing about Reiki, I remember feeling intense energy radiating from my palms towards areas needing healing on my body during times of distress. During my early twenties, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease, an autoimmune disorder that played a part in episodes of depression and fatigue. I asked for guidance from my spirit guides when I found a nodule on my neck at this time. I recall placing my hands on my throat and feeling strong heat and vibrations emitting from my hands. To my surprise, the nodule was completely gone upon the next ultrasound. After this particular experience, I realize that energy was constantly moving in our bodies, chakra blockages could be opened, and we are all capable of self healing.

As I began feeling more connected to myself and capabilities, I learned more about energy medicine. My most recent experience led me to complete my Reiki Master Teacher training in Chiang Mai, Thailand with leading RMT and Hypnotherapist Nicholas Harris. I found the Reiki Master attunement essential in my path. During my travels to Southeast Asia, I realized that energy is constantly traveling (hence the name "Reiki Traveler") and released as needed to heal the physical, mental. emotional and spiritual levels of the body, through the magic of Reiki. 

Asha's Lineage:

This is the direct Reiki lineage in the Usui line.

The ability to channel the Reiki energy is passed from Master to Student. A Reiki Master's lineage can be traced back to Dr. Usui himself, the founder of Reiki.

Asha is a 9th generation Reiki Master.

We are proud to present our lineage.

1. Dr. Mikao Usui.

2. Dr. Chujiro Hayashi.

3. Hawaya K. Takata (February 1938).

4. Phyllis Lei Furumoto (April 1979).

5. Ma Deva Subuddhi, Carell Ann Farmer (April 1, 1982).

6. Ma Deva Pyaso, Eileen Dezouche (October 27, 1985).

7. Ma Rikta, Shanti, Sigrid Rubens (October 18, 1989).

8. Nicholas Harris (August 28, 2009).

9. Asha Surti (March 18, 2016).