Reiki: A Healing Modality for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Imagine a space where you can completely let go. Let go of your deepest fears or worries, and melt your energy into the hands of warmth and safety. Breathing in love, breathing out any tensions or anxiety. Trusting that you will always come back to your heart center. Allowing the universe to support you. Knowing you can always come home to your body, your soul, your inner core.

As a Reiki practitioner, my goal is to ensure that clients feel open to experience whatever may come up for them- that they are safe, protected, and allowed to experience the depth of where their energies may take them. My goal is to not be a “healer,” but instead a channel for source energy, allowing the universe to do its job, ensuring the work being done is always for the client’s highest good. During a session, a client may feel heightened sensitivity, increased vibrations, a feeling of warmth and comfort, and fall into a deep meditative state. Colors relating to auras and chakras may be seen, as blockages are worked on being cleared. The goal is to promote self healing, as this is just the beginning of the energy clearing. Toxins are released, and a client may be inclined to hydrate with plenty of water over the next few days, and be prone to eating a healthier diet filled with fruits and vegetables immediately after.

It is also normal to feel fatigued, experience headaches and body aches as the clearing process begins- similar to any type of detoxification process. The body is cleansing itself, higher vibrational energy is integrating, so this is considered typical. Do not fear. Instead be gentle with yourself, as this feeling will not last. It will pass, and you will experience more clarity than you have in the past.

What can you expect during a session? During a session, you feel a Reiki therapist float his or her hands from your crown to your feet, conducting a body scan,  feeling out what areas need more attention and care. He or she will then lightly place their hands on areas of your body from your crown to your feet (of course with permission prior to beginning), for periods of time, some longer than others. It is often conducted on a massage table, with or without a blanket over a client depending on what is preferred, with clothing on and shoes off. The therapist utilizes symbols by visualizing them or may even draw them over your body. Some are meant for aligning, protecting, and balancing (Cho Ku Rei) or for mental and emotional clearing (Sei Hei Ki). The therapist may be inclined to call upon spirit guides (Dai Ko Myo) if they are open to connecting, or look into past trauma and healing through the symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. This symbol indicates that there is no time nor space, there is only the here and now. Many a time HSZSN can also be utilized for healing anxiety about one’s future, or for Distance Healing with clients that are not physically present for a session.

Typically a Reiki therapist will sit with a client to process what was felt after a energy healing session. The client can openly bring up anything that came up, and the therapist may indicate what chakras were being worked on. It is always interesting to observe what arises, and moreso, what goal areas can be targeted for upcoming sessions.

Just like trying any new medicine or method, it is recommended to try at least four sessions to see how energy work is as a healing method for you. How is it affecting your path and decisions over time? You may feel more clear headed and focused, ready and willing to step into your purpose. Just as anything enters and exits our bodies, so it is for our energy fields.

Hope this brief insight into the light touch Japanese energy based journey will allow you to consider the beautiful healing benefits of this modality. For anyone considering Reiki- it is a true experience into a realm of inner work, targeting the root cause of many issues, from physical health and processes into spiritual insight and mental clarity. Many blessings!