Rediscovering Our Ground to Look Beyond

We live in a society where our very basic needs fall last. In which everyone else's well being comes before our own. We can easily neglect our inner homes, our ground- our Root Chakra.

As a full time Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, I work with energy healing to balance the seven energy centers of the body. The most common observation is that our Root Chakra is out of alignment. The Root Chakra is the first of the seven centers to develop, usually forming from birth to seven years of age. It is knowing that we are safe and secure in the world, that our basic needs will always be met, that we are connected to Mother Earth, that we are rooted and we can trust. Whether it is trauma at a young age, or life’s sudden curveballs, our ground is the first chakra that can fall out of balance. It can become blocked, leaving a feeling of feeling "floaty" in our body, disconnected, and fearful of taking action. When overactive, we can feel the need to grab onto the material world to feel "secure," such as having a fueling obsession with shopping, money, or "things" in general.

Nowadays, it is very common that we walk around with imbalanced root chakras due to several reasons. Firstly, we live in an insulated world. Our connection to earth's energy is not as strong. We wear layers of clothing (if you think back to ancient times, people walked barefoot and could directly absorb earth's energetic vibrations and charge their being), and stay indoors more often than not. We weaken our immune systems with unnecessary medications to treat symptoms, but not the root of our illnesses. We block our energy centers with low vibrations- from cell phones constantly buzzing to the television always on in the background. Even if we are not on our phones, we are exposed to wifi signals practically everywhere we go. We travel often for business and pleasure- and flying in itself can cause an "out of body" feeling with tons of sensory overload that comes along with just being at the airport.

On my current caseload of Reiki clients, approximately eighty percent of individuals are being treated for some form of anxiety- the feeling of “floating” with the inability to connect to the physical body. These high levels of anxiety, causing panic attacks and difficulty sleeping at night, the feeling of being “stuck,” and isolation despite high levels of social interaction, are interfering with the ability to live- the ability to experience the present moment. A large subsect being treated are women in their early twenties who have just begun working in the highly demanding corporate world, living in fast paced cities.

So what can we do? How can we ground again in order to look beyond?

The most important recommendation I can make is to get connected to activities where high vibrations are experienced. It is important to explore activities that allow us to feel safe, connected to our inner child, and in tune again. It could be dancing, painting, writing, building- anything that makes you feel intuitively connected. The second is to get out into nature. Feel the trees, sit by the water, take off your shoes and place your feet on the ground. Charge your body naturally with the earth’s healing vibrations. It will pull you into your physical body and out of the busy mind. The third is self care, whether that means setting up a bath for yourself with essential oils (I also recommend epsom salt for a natural detox), meditation, or starting your day off with a cleansing concoction such as warm lemon water, honey and turmeric. Setting up these key practices throughout your week is a natural cue to the body that you deserve to have your basic needs met. Additional ideas I give clients are to walk barefoot around the home (there is a reason that the sole of the foot has something like 1300 nerve endings per square inch- more than any other part of our body this size) to draw in earth’s grounding energy, use grounding essential oils such as bergamot and patchouli, listening to peaceful nature sounds, and use of healing crystals like tourmaline when meditating. I like to start my day off with the following Root Chakra affirmation: “I am connected to Mother Earth and know the security of being grounded in reality, in the moment. My needs are always met.”

I used to be a highly anxious person, battling episodes of depression and an autoimmune disorder (Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis). Though each day is different, helping others ground has helped me look inward and rediscover my very own ground- and today I feel stronger than ever.